About Us

That Bali Shop Founders

It all started in Ubud in the year 2000....That’s when Le from Australia met the amazing Dayu in Ubud, Bali. Together we decided to open D+L interiors in Bali…(Dayu + Le)…making and selling Balinese cushions.

People loved them and they started making more and more beautiful items for people’s homes until the workshop grew so big it felt like the whole village was involved.

Le came to Australia and opened a second store, named, of course, That Bali Shop!

The workshop in Bali is a relaxed, friendly place, brimming with creativity. If you are a mother, you can bring your baby in if you want. You can breastfeed while you work ….and work always stops to observe all the traditional Balinese ceremonies and traditions.  All employees are treated the same whether you are in the shop in Australia or in the workshop in Bali. Le and Dayu wouldn’t have it any other way. Their love affair with all things Bali is never ending….you could not find anybody more passionate about Balinese culture and people.

This passion and creativity is woven into every single item you buy at That Bali Shop.



To enable you to have a holiday at home EVERYDAY!




PARADISE  Enjoy a piece of paradise at home
IMPACT  We grow by lifting others
INTEGRITY  Always act with integrity, compassion and a kind heart
COMMUNITY  Together we can make a bigger difference
PASSION  Love what you do and do it with passion
TAKSU  Tap into your spiritual energy




From our own factory in Batubulan, Bali, local craftsmen produce a unique, rustic look that can work very well in many interior designs and garden settings. The “Madura” canopy daybeds are one of the pieces where we actually source antique pieces and carefully restore these.



 Bali has a centuries-old tradition of producing stunning wood carvings that often form distinctive architectural elements in temples, palaces and more elaborate houses.Many of our furniture pieces feature intricate, traditionally carved inlay panels that are either original, often antique pieces that have been carefully sourced by us or hand carved by our own highly skilled craftsmen.



When I follow my heart I wake up in Bali………… 

The people, the food, the colours, the art and craft and culture. It’s my home away from home; so when I met Dayu 20 years ago, setting up business with her was as natural as breathing. And to think it all started with cushions ……… We are dedicated to the growth of ‘home industry’, Local villagers hand make our products and become part of That Bali Shop family. (In Bali known as D&L Interiors)