Wood Care

Recommendations regarding our products made from wood

Occasional application of a natural-based furniture polish is recommended.
Do not use silicone-based products or other abrasive cleaners.
Because of the natural movement of the timber, it must be expected that the wood will slightly change shape due to variations in humidity and temperature, depending on the conditions of your home.
Therefore, care should be taken to avoid extreme heat conditions, moisture, and light, as this can cause the wood to swell, shrink or start to show signs of cracking.


TEAK DAYBEDS & DOORS - Marine Varnish or Teak Oil is recommended if daybed is outside and NOT under cover. We can marine varnish your purchase prior to pick up/shipping at an additional cost. 

If this is not offered on the individual product page please send us an email.

PLEASE NOTE: Teak will go a natural ash grey colour over time without attention.